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Get Your Crazy Socks Ready!!

Katy ISD Digital Citizenship Week is March 3 - 7

Monday - Create a positive Digital Footprint (Crazy Socks/Shoes Day)

Tuesday - Cyberbullying - Being a Cyber Superhero isn't a Spectator Sport (Superhero Day)

Wednesday - Giving Credit & Copyright (twin day - dress up like(copy) your best friend)

Thursday - Online Safety (Public Servant Day - dress like fireman, policeman, park ranger)

Friday - Responsible Use (“Mustang/Colt/Bear, etc.” Pride Online Day-wear school pride clothes)  Text it Forward Campaign!: See Below


Access to the District’s electronic communications system, including the Internet, shall be made available to students for instructional purposes. Each District computer and public Wi-Fi (available for students who bring their own personal telecommunications devices) has filtering software that blocks access to information that is not appropriate for the student. These resources, when accessed outside of the District, should be monitored by parents.