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Tax Rate

The following District tax rates were approved at the September 23, 2013 regular board meeting.  The District's tax rates remain unchanged at $.40 for Debt Service and $1.1266 for Maintenance and Operations.  This is the seventh consecutive year that the tax rates have not increased.

Maintenance and Operations $1.1266
Debt Service $0.40
Total Tax Rate $1.5266


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Due to the District's increase in taxable values, resulting in an increase in tax revenues, the state property tax code requires the following statement:

"The Katy Independent School District adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for Maintenance and Operations than last year's tax rate."

For more tax information, visit the Tax Offices web sites.

Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property for Katy ISD is reviewed by the Business Office on a quarterly basis. Any properties related to Katy ISD on the State Comptroller's Unclaimed Property search have likely already been claimed and are awaiting payment.

The following is a summary by school year of properties in escheat claimed by Katy ISD since 2008.

2008-2009   $11,266.48
2009-2010   $3,161.24
2010-2011   $4,641.76
2011-2012   $3,630.10
2012-2013* $5,892.65

* Represents amount received to date. Additional claimed amounts may be pending.

Unclaimed properties can be searched on the State Comptroller's official website.

Open Government: Office of Public Information

Under Texas law and Katy Independent School Board Policies, the Officer for Public Information will make public information available for inspection and copying as governed by Texas Government Code 552 (the Texas Public Information Act) and 20 U.S.C. 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99 (the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA).  The links below will help you obtain additional information about the governing laws and policies, as well as link you to useful forms.  If you have any questions, please direct them to the Katy Independent School District Communications Department, at 281-396-2308, or by writing to one of the following addresses:

Online: Public Information Request Form
By Mail: Katy ISD Communications Department, 6301 S. Stadium Lane, Katy, TX, 77492
By e-mail to: Public Records
By fax to: 281-644-1849
In person at: Katy ISD Communications Department, 6301 S. Stadium Lane, Suite 1510

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