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Gifted & Talented Services

Student Identification for GT Service

Katy ISD provides Gifted and Talented services for identified students in grades K-12. During the screening process, multiple indicators are collected, both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative measures included standardized tests of ability, achievement, and intelligence. Qualitative measures include information collected from parents and classroom teachers.

Placement decisions are made by a campus selection committee composed of a principal or principal designee, counselor, and teacher of the gifted. Parents are notified of placement decisions by letter mailed from the campus.

Parents and school staff members have an opportunity each school year to refer students for screening. Parents may refer their children for screening by submitting the appropriate Parent Checklist by the published deadline each year. The Parent Checklist includes parental permission to screen for service and to provide service if the child is identified.

Parents of new students who were identified for GT service in their previous school must provide documentation of the previous GT identification and any available test scores when registering their children in Katy ISD.  Katy ISD will screen these students as soon as possible after enrollment to determine whether placement in the Katy GT program is appropriate. All other students new to the district may be screened for service during the district’s general screening window.

Kindergarten GT Service

Parents of kindergarten students will receive information during the fall semester regarding screening for the GT program. Parents may initiate the screening process by returning the Kindergarten Parent Checklist by the published deadline in October. Screening will take place during the fall semester for service to begin by March 1. Kindergarten service consists of 60 minutes per week in the Challenge classroom. The kindergarten GT curriculum introduces the student to creative and productive thinking skills. Students identified for GT service in kindergarten join the elementary pull-out program for one day per week beginning in 1st grade.

Elementary Service, Grades 1 – 5

The elementary program, Challenge, is offered at all elementary campuses. Challenge is a pull-out, one-day-per-week multi-grade level model. Challenge students leave the regular classroom one day per week to work with the Challenge teacher, who is highly trained in the education of the gifted. The theme-based differentiated curriculum includes high-interest advanced content, creative and critical thinking skills, research and technology skills, and the opportunity to pursue topics of individual interest. Each year’s curriculum units are connected by a broad-based theme. Fifth-grade Challenge students showcase high-level products representing the culmination of their learning in Challenge at a Product Showcase in May.

Secondary Service, Grades 6 – 12

The secondary service model is a Specific Subject Matter Aptitude model. At the secondary level, identified students are served in one or more of the four core content areas, depending on their strengths and interests. Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP curricula are differentiated to meet the unique needs of gifted learners. AP/GT and Pre-AP/GT courses are taught by teachers who have received training in the education of the gifted. These courses carry a weighted grade point; for example, an A average counts as five grade points rather than the traditional four.

AP classes, which are available in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, are designed to prepare students to take Advanced Placement exams, which offer the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.

GT Independent Study and Mentorship is an elective for GT students in grades 8 – 12 in which students will develop a product proposal, compile a portfolio, conduct in-depth research, and consult with a mentor from the academic, business or professional community.

High school seniors may participate in PACE – Professional Advancement through Career Education. PACE is a mentorship program in which students intern with adult professionals to acquire career knowledge and experience while still in high school.

Extended Learning

Katy ISD’s GT program includes opportunities to extend learning outside the classroom and to promote interaction among parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community.

Destination ImagiNation® is an international creative-problem solving competition which teaches students how to use problem-solving skills and creativity to solve a complex problem in a cooperative group. On the campuses which offer Destination Imagination®, teams form early in the school year and begin working together to showcase their solutions at a regional tournament in the spring. Teams are managed by parent Team Managers, who have the opportunity to attend training and support sessions provided by the district.

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